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oh won't you smile a while for me, sarah smile?

it's you & me forever♥

she says please, watch over me. ♥
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♥ the music lives ♥

'cuz this is real & this is good, it warms the inside just like it should
but most of all, most of all it's built to last

melee♥3/3/07 - 5/7/07 - 5/12/07 - 7/9/07

is it possible for the world to look like this forever?

jack*smannequin♥ 8/10/06-8/11/06-11/17/06-2/28/07

"[Our fans] are some of the most devoted and
passionate people - not just fans but people - I have
ever met." - Taylor Hanson

when you can't get through it, you can listen to it
8.24.98 ~ 5.10.00 ~ 11.05.03 ~ 3.13.04 ~ 4.20.04
7.16.04 ~ 8.17.04 ~ 6.10.05 ~ 10.28.05 ~ 3.1.O7
7.21.O7 ~ 7.25.O7 ~ 9.22.O7 - 5.2.08
"where words fail, music speaks" ♥

'i want to live in the world, not inside my head. i want to live in the world, i want to stand & be counted; with the hopeful & the willing, with the open & the strong, with the voices in the darkness, fashioning daylight out of song. & the millions of lovers alive in the world. i want to live in the world, not behind some wall. i want to live in the world, where i will hear if another voice should call. to the prisoner inside me, to the captive of my doubt who among his fantasies harbors the dream of breaking out; taking his chances, alive in the world.to open my eyes & wake up alive in the world. to open my eyes & fully arrive in the world. with its beauty & its cruelty, with its heartbreak & its joy, with it constantly giving birth to life & to forces that destroy. & the infinite power of change alive in the world. ' ~ jackson browne. 7/6/03 ♥